ASL Info Tech Inc. - Project Management Office (PMO)

Case study: Bridging the Gap

Transition Manager

Client Situation: Telecom retail organization outsourced Information Technology to an outsourcing services provider. Number of applications supporting the organization were developed and supported by 3rd party vendors. As part of the outsourcing agreement the outsourcing vendor was to provide 1st line of support for all applications. An agreement was reached with the 3rd party vendors to transition support to the outsourcing vendor.  The application support team was faced with new environment, new applications with minimal to no documentation and a need to provide a reliable systems and timely support.

Intervention: ASL InfoTech (ASL) laid out clear transition plan that was communicated to team and stakeholders; facilitated definition of support teams’ requirements; received commitment from 3rd party vendors to provide documentation and knowledge transfer.  We monitored progress via frequent follow-ups with 3rd party vendors and collection and tracking of information in a central shared location. Knowledge transfer workshops; monitoring, tracking and managing issues and risks; senior management and business team provided the required support to ensure knowledge transfer in a timely and efficient way.  

Results: The application support team was able to support the 3rd party vendor applications within 2 months with minor challenges that were eliminated over time.

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Project Manager

Client Situation: The sales cycle in the retail stores was very long, the sales person had to logging and re-key information into many applications which was time consuming and error prone. The client senior management team initiated a program to develop a Retail Portal that to shorten the sales cycle by providing a single sign on and sharing of common information across the applications required by the sales process. Phase I included implementation of new infrastructure using BEA WebLogic platform, web services, development of the base Retail Portal and  conversion / integration of first two business applications.

Intervention: ASL was brought in to assist with the planning and initiation of the first phase of the program. This required development of project plans based on the architecture design of the solution; identification and engagement of appropriate resources, building three project teams – one to develop and implement the infrastructure to support the Retail Portal and secure single sign-on, one to build the Retail Portal foundation and one to integrate two business applications. Once the program was planned and teams were set we managed the business application integration project and provided support to the program manager.

Results: Phase I of the Retail Portal program was deployed successfully on time and on budget. Technical challenges were overcome and the first step toward improving customer experience took place.

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Deployment Manager

Client Situation: Subsequent phases for the Retail Portal  program required coordination and communication with internal and external 3rd parties to ensure no impact on other integrated applications.

Intervention: ASL took on the role of Deployment Prime that focused mainly on communication and coordination when planning new release as well as development of Deployment plans and checklists; pre-deployment activities; knowledge transfer to production support / deployment team; managing the actual deployment and post deployment activities. 

Results: Smooth implementations of new releases, minimal to no post implementation issues that lead to shorter stabilization period and adoption of this process for other projects.

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