ASL Info Tech Inc. - Project Management Office (PMO)

Case study: Connecting the Dots

Project Manager

Client Situation: Marketing department for Television Broadcasting managed the development of a wireless application to enhance the new customer experience during registration and program selection process. Due to number of reasons this project fell behind schedule. Key resource resigned and the project was at risk of failure.

Intervention: ASL was engaged to complete the project successfully. We interviewed the business analyst before he left and established the state of the project. Next we created a plan to complete the project, engaged additional resources and proceeded with managing testing and implementation. A Support Model was created for ongoing support once the project was implemented.

Results: Project launched on schedule. Support of various components was clearly defined and stabilization period was uneventful.

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Deployment Manager

Client Situation: New wireless application to expedite and simplify the technicians and customers experience through the registration and program selection process was built on top of new infrastructure. This involved multiple 3rd party vendors to deliver the technology and the software. New technology, infrastructure; new environments; architecture and integration with existing applications had to be deployed.  The program manager identified that the project / program would benefit from a dedicated deployment prime to bring all the components together smoothly and ensure production support was well positioned to take on the new system.

Intervention: ASL was engaged to manage the deployment of the first release of the program and setup a process for managing deployment for subsequent releases. We created a deployment plan that was socialized with all parties involved and impacted. We coordinated communication between the project team and production support team; facilitated the development of Support Model and managed the pre-deployment, deployment and post deployment activities. 

Results: Successful implementation of the infrastructure and applications. Support Model in place and production support team up to speed to take on the support of the new environment and application. Deployment plan & checklist process templates in place for deployments of future releases.

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