ASL Info Tech Inc. - Project Management Office (PMO)

Case study: Opening Communication Channels

Project Control Officer

Client Situation: Project was initiated to implement new 3rd party travel booking system and streamline existing business processes. The ownership of the project was divided between the business and Information Systems (IS) departments. Decisions were made to customize the 3rd party application to meet, partway, the existing business processes. Resources assigned to the project were also responsible for day to day business operation. This led to extensive delays and issues on all sides. Data conversion issues, communication challenges and lack of control and change management contributed to continuous delays. A Project Manager was temporarily engaged to manage the project. However, due to project schedule delay he left prior to completing the project. Senior Leadership team then decided to engage a Project Control Officer to assist the newly appointed Project Manager (Director of IS) with the delivery of the system.

Intervention: ASL InfoTech inc. provided a Project Control Officer who interviewed the team, opened up the communication channels by developing a project plan and socializing it with the team; capturing and communicating progress by setting up and facilitating weekly progress update meetings, providing meeting minutes with assigned actions, tracking issues and risks and ensuring that they are addressed; one on one follow ups where required to help timely resolution of issues and tracking of changes. We developed Deployment Plan that outlined the deployment strategy and detail execution steps and socialized it with the stakeholders and the implementation team; we facilitated risk management meetings to identify risks, their severity and establish mitigation strategies.

Results: In a short time the team was on track and opened up communication. Stakeholders and project team members communicated openly and interacted effectively with each other and the vendor; ASL‘s role evolved to that of coach and advisor throughout the remainder of the project.

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